bs;bp Future of Work panel series by Marijn Driessen

Understanding The Future of Work

TFOW panel series

By Marijn Driessen


Bs;bp continues to take the lead in starting joined conversations in the workspace sector. An example of how we do this is our TFOW Panel series, conceived when the pandemic was just emerging and everything was uncertain. We designed a journey of structured discussions on the future of work for stakeholders in design projects for the built environment.

The future of work panel series hosted by Marijn Driessen

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Marijn Driessen

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Marijn Driessen, Rabia Zuberi


Facing uncertainty

In the past decade bs;bp has developed a strong reputation in workplace design. That is why we came up with the idea of starting a The Future Of Work Panel in April 2020. It was a time when the world became highly aware that certainties were being replaced by questions and ambiguity, including, where and how people work.

Joined-up action

Because bs;bp believes in the power of joined-up action and a holistic approach, we invited diverse perspectives across the value chain of the built environment. The panels are highly interactive with joined challenges and break-out assignments.

Shared intention

Each of the participants brings an expert view to the discovery sessions, including investors, developers, operators, architect, interior designers, furniture brands and manufacturers. Our shared intention is to discover opportunities and deliver better workplaces for business, people and planet.

Participants TFOW panel series by bs;bp
TFOW | Virtual Panel

Panel themes

1. Introducing TFOW

The first panel was inspired by Professor Lynda Gratton of London Business School. She was among the first to start the conversation about the The Future of Work, long before the Covid pandemic popularised the term.

2. Reimagining the workplace

In the second panel we asked ourselves what design choices are key to making the workplaces more resilient to uncertainties like the corona virus.

3. Buffer space

The ‘Buffer Floor’ is defined as an Adaptive Space in a connected Real Estate System that is managed as a single system with communicating vessels. It relies on flexible regulation from city governance and benefits from technology for smart buildings and mobility.

4. Abandoned innercity locations

Bs;bp’s innovative Open Desk concept inspired panel 4 on abandoned innercity locations. Open Desk was later shortlisted for the ARC21 Awards and our client IWG has rolled it out globally.

5. Flexible multi-purpose workspace

In panel 5 we tackled how to best transform existing space into adaptive workspace. Breakout teams looked at 6 different orginal functions: a restaurant, high street shop, a train station, a Starbucks coffee shop, a hotel and a library.

6. Vacant city-edge locations

How can design transform city-edge locations into attractive destinations for remote workers and what other functions can be realised to increase value?

7. Net-zero buildings

Inspired by case studies from CitizenM and The Gantry we asked participants how they might use a smarter type of construction to design a workplace that improves the circularity and attractiveness of the building.

8. Circular by-design

In collaboration with Circle Economy we reviewed Amsterdam’s adoption of the Doughnut Economics model. As designers we imagined the future of 2050 and asked ourselves what we would have done differently, looking back to 2020.

9. Reviving high streets

In light of the demise of brick and mortar retail and growing desire to work closer to home we looked at repurposing vacant retail with popup workspace.

TFOW Panel series hosted by Marijn Driessen
Circular by Design
from panel #7: Net-zero buildings
Initial sketches by Maarten Jamin for Panel #3 reimagine how urban real estate might function as a holistic system. One that shrinks and expands while staying within planetary and social boundaries.
the Future of Work by Maarten Jamin
the Future of Work by Maarten Jamin
the Future of Work by Maarten Jamin
the Future of Work by Maarten Jamin
Sound of Work

Sound of Work

The Sound of Work explains how bs;bp uses sound as an integral part of design.

Future of Work Expo

Future of Work Expo

By reimagining the spaces around us, we can restructure the way we learn, work and relax.

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