Meet the team of architects and designers at better space; better people.

We are bs;bp.
We design better space
for better people.

Bs;bp works as a collective. We bring independent studios and interior designers together to harness a broad range of talent and experience. Our unique structure helps us to connect creative ideas and sound business thinking to deliver exceptional client value.


People spend a significant part of their lives inside. According to some studies up to 90%. So the role interiors play in our lives is not easy to downplay. As society reaches the limits of finite resources and feels the squeeze of intense urbanisation, our industry is tasked to design a responsible built environment. As people we need better space, that enables stronger human connections, is resilient and flexible, serves our wellbeing, and helps people to be the best they can be. That’s why we believe, as interior designers we have a significant role to play in making a difference to people’s lives, by design.

Better space is good for people, planet, and business.


Design projects form a big part of our lives. The human connections we build along the way are what makes it worth while. That’s why, as independent professionals we choose to join the bs;bp collective and work as equals. We are deeply connected, likeminded people, with different skills, and we seek this connection with our clients too. We challenge each other and are more resilient than on our own. Operating as a full-service studio with interior designers in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Dubai, we offer exceptional value to our clients.

Meet our Members

Maarten Jamin founder bs;bp

Maarten Jamin

Interior Designer | BDesign

“Being part of the bs;bp collectives gives me the opportunity to share with like…”

bsbp Begoña Masia

Begoña Masiá

Architect | M.Arch

“Everybody has a different background and different skills but we all want the same, to…”

Craig Welch, Interior Architect

Craig Welch

Interior Architect | BA(Hons)

“Having a clear understanding of the varied experiences and skill sets of both the individu…”

Marijn Driessen

Marijn Driessen

Business Innovation | MscBA

“As a business strategist, being part of the creative bs;bp collective gives me the …”

Evgeniia Molchanova

Evgeniia Molchanova

Interior Architect | B.ArchDes

Being part of the bs;bp collective allows me to learn new perspectives, skills, ways…” 

Frank Twilt, bs;bp member

Frank Twilt

Interior Architect | B.Arch

“Bs;bp for me is about sharing a collective creative purpose, supporting and challenging…”

Michiel Wijnen bs;bp

Michiel Wijnen

Interior Architect | MScID Engineering

“Being part of the bs;bp collective gives me the opportunity of rewarding…”

Vivian Lam, interior architect

Vivian Lam

Interior Architect | BDes, MA

“Being part of bs;bp brings me the interconnectivity and different design expertise to …”

Jolanda Luymes

Jolanda Luymes

Art Director | Msc Fashion

“Bs;bp is a collective of different talented people. With all this knowledge, we are able to…”

Architect Rabia Zuberi

Rabia Zuberi

Interior Architect | MsiD, BArch

“With bs;bp I am part of a team of various professionals to work with, also very nice people…”

Roxan Reurslag, bs;bp member

Roxan Reurslag

Interior Architect | BDes

“I value a good outcome of the design, I believe working together makes the design and…”

bsbp Marloes Rademaker

Marloes Rademaker

Design Coordinator | B.BA

“The added value of being a member of bs;bp is the ability to learn more about…”

Ellen Dijkstra, interior architect, member of bs;bp design collective

Ellen Dijkstra

Interior Architect | BDes

Being part of the better space; better people collective gives me the flexibility to…” 

Ronald van Vlijmen, interior architect, member of bs;bp design collective

Ronald van Vlijmen

Interior Architect | BArch

“The various backgrounds in the bs;bp team bring more depth to our ideas. This…”

Studio Sutton, member of bs;bp

Studio Sutton

Architects & Interior Designers

Being a part of bs;bp allows us to exchange knowledge and collaborate with other…”

Melle Stumphius

Interior Architect | BDes

Bs;bp gives me the opportunity to work with talented colleagues …”

bsbp Begoña Masia

Petra Keijser

Design Manager & PA


Lisette Bokma

Interior Architect

Ralph Bleeker

Financial Advisor

What our members say

We embraced hybrid working before the term was coined and operate from hubs in Amsterdam, London and Dubai that are run by local members. The spaces we design are the product of many visions, not one. It means we’re not constrained by a signature, pre-determined house style. Instead, our designs are ego-free and inspired by broad experience and personal passion.

“Being part of the bs;bp collective gives me the opportunity of rewarding collaborations on large-scale projects, scalability options for my own projects and exchange of expertise.”

Michiel Wijnen, Interior Architect

“Bs;bp’s approach is unique in the design sector. Looking at it from a business perspective, for me it is exciting that clients ask bs;bp to innovate and that their pragmatic approach means concepts are getting built in record-time.”

Marijn Driessen, Business Innovation

“Everybody has a different background and different skills but we all want the same, to create quality design and fulfill the client’s expectations. It is a great team to work with, not only because of the results we are achieving but also because of the creative process“

Begoña Masiá, Architect

“With bs;bp I am part of a team of various professionals to work with, also very nice people with their own strengths and weaknesses. I joined bs;bp because i wanted to see my designs built in a short term, and it happened.”

Rabia Zuberi, Interior Architect

Join bs;bp

Are you a studio in a new region ready to start your own hub? Or are you an independent designer and want to work with top clients and likeminded professionals?

“In the bs;bp collective we are deeply connected with likeminded people, with different skills, and we seek that connection with our clients too.”

– Maarten Jamin, founder bs;bp

bs;bp members at work