Amsterdam-West’s district municipality office, Bos en Lommer
Amsterdam, 2018
5800 m2
425 workstations
500 people

The challenge

Bs;bp was asked to create a price efficient design for the Amsterdam-West district municipality office. An extra challenge was to minimize waste in the process, honing Amsterdam’s adoption of the Doughnut Economy, keeping emissions within our planetary boundaries.

Designed to minimize waste

To safeguard price efficiency and minimize waste we re-used high quality furniture that was already owned by the municipality office and we sourced a big part of the accessories from local vintage design stores.

Connected by people

Our close involvement and extensive communication throughout the project’s process ensured that every stakeholders opinion was taken into account.

Our design enables people to work together and meet in various setups, but also easily isolate themselves for concentrated deep work.

Head office
1500 m2, 130 workstations

Office concept, Rotterdam
5-12.000 m2,  485 business club seats
In collaboration with Sevil Peach, London
Role: executive architect

Spaces Hofplein is situated a stone’s throw away from Rotterdam Centraal station and as the gateway into Rotterdam city centre, it’s easily accessible by car. As one of the first high rises to grace the Rotterdam skyline, this is an office with history and soul. Its imposing concrete structure with large glass windows flood the office with natural light, while offering an excellent vista point over the city of Rotterdam and the Maas River, with views extending as far as Delft. Its exciting and innovative style conceived by internationally renown London based interior designer Sevil Peach, reflects the creative philosophy of Spaces. We designed a self-supporting steel structure inside that sits strongly in this Brutalist building, providing a background for warm, inviting workplaces. The use of warm cherry wood, rich fabric colors and custom made lights contributes to a very special working environment.

People working at Spaces Rotterdam
Entrance Spaces Rotterdam
Spaces Rotterdam
People working at Spaces Rotterdam

2014 – until present
School and backoffices / studios, Amsterdam
4800 m2 / 2400 m2,  420 students

The renovation of the Film Academy was a challenging project. Inside this imposing, enclosed building, designed by Koen van Velsen was a need for space, contact and openness. With respect for the minimalistic design and restrained use of materials, we worked with the fire compartmentation, the corridor structure and voids so we could find over 200 square meters of extra space. In addition, we enhanced the use of space by allowing departments to overlap, thus creating more contact and interaction. The renovated interior is rough, blank and opinionated. Much as its students, and the building. Design classics stand alongside innovative designs and recycled furniture.

Office concept, New York
3200 m2,  320 business club seats

Situated in the heart of New York’s thriving arts community, Spaces NYC is an exclusive location offering office space in a burgeoning, creative neighbourhood. The building’s unique design along with the tailored service concept, makes Spaces NYC an energetic, inspiring and unique working environment. Constructed in 1922, the historic Falchi building is a unique landmark on Long Island City, providing a creative oasis just a stone’s throw away from bustling Manhattan. This former famous New York Gimbels department store, now has a new life as office space for startups, entrepreneurs, and killer coffee. The distinct European design, using warm wood, restrained colours and top class design furniture creates a unique environment that stands out from the crowd.