Spaces, ZuidAs

Amsterdam, 2013, 1,200 m2, 105 working and meeting seats

Spaces is a unique concept, offering a high quality workspace as a common use area for Spaces’ tenants as well as members: mostly self-employed entrepreneurs.


Creating a community

For their ‘Spaces Zuid As’ they wanted something that appealed to the entrepreneurs in this business district. We created and experimented with a variety of work aiding options.

With long communal tables, private cabins and open work booths we created a personal space in this mostly competitive environment. Wood, warm fabrics and beautiful furniture were added to create warmth and personality. Highquality coffee from a distinctive coffee bar, adds the final touch.

bar and oak deepening
Bar at the Spaces ZuidAs entrance.
close up of 1 booth


Amsterdam, 2010, open officeWorking on the first all-open-desk office for...

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Spaces Peter House

Spaces Peter House

Spaces Peter House, Where modern workspaces meet mid-century grandeur. Located in the heart of Manchester.

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