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Bs;bp is showcasing Open Desk as a manifestation of workspace innovation at the Future of Work Expo in Spaces Westerpark. 

Open Desk is all about providing the balance between human connections and a concentrated work environment.

Perhaps more than ever we value human connections. People make conscious decisions on how to balance work with a meaningful life. Bs;bp believes there is a momentum to restructure the way we learn, work and relate by reimagining the spaces around us.

Living space

We designed Open Desk as a living space that is located just around the corner of your home. It has a sense of openness, while maintaining privacy. It is also kinder to the planet because it can repurpose space without making structural changes, is modular-by-design and transported as a kit-of-parts.

This is not your average desk. You could say Open Desk is inhabitable, functioning as an extension of your home. The colour of the frame, a sandy grey, exudes earthiness and warmth. Bs;bp designed the height deliberately to maintain privacy, while the entrance has open shelves with strategically placed panels to create a sense of openness.

Open Desk features lockers, allowing it's members the flexibility to move around in the 15-minute city

15-minute city

Better human connections rely on a better rhythm of life, at home and at work. To make the 15-minute commute a reality, bs;bp designed Open Desk with flexibility in mind. Like a pop-up office, it can turn abandoned shops into a drop-in workspace in days, not months.

The term 15-minute city was conceived by Carlos Moreno. He is the driving force behind the 15-minute city plan for Paris. It gives inhabitants access to all key services they need to live, learn and thrive within their immediate vicinity. Bs;bp designed Open Desk to help communities not only survive, but thrive.

Open Desk is modular by design, reusable in various configurations and transported as a kit-of-parts, as a conscious choice to preserve the planet.

Kinder to the planet

All activities including design decisions have impact on our planet. Bs;bp collaborates with partners like Lensvelt and Carpet of Life to use and reuse materials in clever ways for the wellbeing of people, businesses and the planet. 

From a plant-filled environment to the recyclable materials used in the design, green is a key ingredient of the Open Desk. It is modular by design, reusable in various configurations and transported as a kit-of-parts, as a conscious choice to preserve the planet.

Craig Welch bs;bp

Craig Welch, lead designer bs;bp

This is a highly complex project due to the .... 

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