Ronald van Vlijmen, interior architect, member of bs;bp design collective
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Ronald van Vlijmen

Architectural Designer

“The various backgrounds within the bs;bp team, brings more depth to our ideas. This challenges me to bring out the best in myself.”


Architectural design
Project leader




Spaces Brussel City Centre
Spaces Ghent Zuiderpoort
Spaces Westerpark
Wonderwoods and more


After his degree in construction engineering, Ronald started working at renowned architectural firms in Amsterdam as an architectural and interior designer. Here he gained extensive experience in both designing and detailing facades and designing complex buildings within Dutch regulations.

In the last 17 years he has worked on various projects from social housing with commercial functions to museums. In addition to designing, Ronald also gained experience in renovating homes himself.

As an all-rounder Ronald transforms ideas into reality, by designing concrete plans from an early concept stage, right up to execution. For complex projects Ronald takes care of the technical development, all-in-one permits for physical aspects, technical descriptions and stakeholder communication.

“Design is thinking made visible”

           – Saul Bass 


when is design good design?

‘Good’ architecture and interior design is helping shape society by providing custom living spaces that give us comfort, good health, and safety. Conversely, the opposite applies.

How I spend my spare time?

Walking through nature, vacation with my family. Renovating our house. I especially like woodworking.

Spaces Vijzelstraat, design by bs;bp, with Ronald van Vlijmen
Spaces Vijzelstraat, renovation
Spaces Vijzelstraat, design by bs;bp, with Ronald van Vlijmen
Spaces Vijzelstraat, design by bs;bp, with Ronald van Vlijmen

bs;bp project

Spaces Vijzelstraat






After the 2018 fire ravaged and destroyed much of the first floor Business Club at Spaces Vijzelstraat, bs;bp was asked to renew the floor. We designed to accomodate the growing demand for more seats of the Spaces location. Extensive joinery was required, which I designed. We also expanded the restaurant as a buffet style eat/work café, with train booths for solo work as well as a larger meeting room and more offices.


Business club community, eat/work café, meeting rooms.




Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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