Evgeniia Molchanova, member of bs;bp interior design collective

Evgeniia Molchanova

Interior architect

Being part of the bs;bp collective allows me to learn new perspectives, skills, ways of creating while working on projects. Bs;bp is such a diverse team where we all know that we can rely on each other or ask for advice, and this is very precious.”


Urban design
Interior design


B. Architectural Design


Restaurants & Bars Design Awards’19 – Fishhouse Restaurant
IDentity Award Nominee – Fishhouse Restaurant
Restaurants & Bars Design Awards’20 – Sandersons, Abu Dhabi


Spaces Commercity Dubai
Signature Moscow
Spaces Moscow Smolensky


Following achieving an architecture degree from the renowned Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Evgeniia established her architectural practice in 2011 before founding E+A Studio in 2015 in Dubai. Eve’s experience includes working for a government development in Dubai, where she was involved in the design of some remarkable projects, such as the Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Park Hyatt, Wasl Gate community, Wasl One, TopGolf and many others. As a practice, E+A Studio clients have included Al Futtaim Group, Dubai Commercity Freezone (now Dubai Economic city) Freezone, NVN MotorWorks, Highjoint, IWG, variety of private clients and many more.

In her own practice and when working on bs;bp projects, Eve gives special attention to the fact that the environment has an enormous influence on society and the way we feel. It identifies our way of life, our wellbeing and mental state. Her studio E+A Studio, aims to create sustainable and transformable environments that have a positive impact on the future. They see architecture unlimited by aesthetics and functions, but as a discipline that provokes emotions to provide its inhabitants with curated experiences.

“It always feels impossible until it’s done.”

           – Nelson Mandela


how do you perform under pressure?

Very easy, apparently. I come from a sport background and being challenged makes me feel energized and excited.


My dream project starts from a client: when I deal with people that are open to new solutions, they care for the environment and people, it creates a special meaning for the project. The scale can be very different.

Michiel Wijnen Het Hooghout bsbp
Spaces commercity dubai, Evgeniia Molchanova BS;BP Member
Michiel Wijnen Het Hooghout bsbp

bs;bp project

Spaces Commercity Dubai

This is the first Spaces center in the UAE. My role was Lead Architect. The area where the center is located is very industrial, so our goal was to create a comfortable restoring atmosphere. This center will be used by a Freezone itself, therefor we fulfilled their requirements for special offices.

The center attracts the visitors as they walk in inside the building – it is visible from the atrium space and a staircase. We created a variety on zones within the project , each with its own character and function. The center is very bright and fresh, that makes it an ideal place for work. 






Commercity Freezone, Dubai




Flexible offices, shared business lounge and meeting rooms.

“Eve is respected for her high dedication to everything she does, creativity and ability to bring new perspectives.”

Michiel Wijnen Nazka
private villa al barari, Evgeniia Molchanova E+A STUDIO
Michiel Wijnen Nazka

Private villa Al Barari

E+A Studio

This contemporary villa is located in the greenest part of Dubai and our goal was to emphasize that. While having a minimalistic approach to indoor and outdoor spaces, we created a nice and easy flow and made sure our environments are green and cosy for a day-to-day life.


Private client


Al Barari, Dubai



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