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Begoña Masiá

Interior Architect

“Everybody has a different background and different skills but we all want the same, to create quality design and fulfil the client’s expectations. Bs;bp offers a great team to work with, not only because of the results we are achieving but also because of the creative process.”


Interior design
Project management
3D Visualisation




Carrière Centrum


To be part of bs;bp gives Begoña the chance to work with experienced designers in different fields and therefore to reach a high level in design. Since finishing her degree in 2008 in architecture at the UPV (Valencia), Begoña worked as an architect and interior designer in renowned offices in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

In the last 14 years she’s had the chance to work on many different projects, very diverse in size and program. From big housing, office and retail projects to small house renovations. In 2018 Begoña decided to start her own office and become part of the bs;bp collective.

“My broad experience in different design levels has made me aware that architecture and interior work better as one, and that architecture should be conceived from both perspectives: outside-inside and inside-outside.”

Small does not mean

           – Begoña Masiá


How does architecture/design influence our lives? 

Architecture and design have the power to make people more happy or sad, the choice of materials and the design itself can affect your mood and behaviour. I believe design is a powerful tool to make our lives happier. 

What is good design? 

A design is good when we can solve many issues in one gesture. In a society with an overload of information, design should bring clarity and at the same time be fresh and surprising.

IWG Wonderwoods bs;bp
IWG, wonderwoods, bs;bp

bs;bp project






Two floors of co-working space and flexible offices, an integral part of a mixed-use community. Wonderwoods is designed to re-establish urban biodiversity, with nature at its core. Here living, working and relaxation come together. Begoña role in the team included concept creation, interior design, materials & furniture selection and project management. Continue reading..




Utrecht, The Netherlands

Begonia Masia architecture
house renovation, private client, Begoña Masiá
Begonia Masia architecture

House renovation

Begoña Masiá

For this project I helped the client to make an open layout for their living room and I created a minimalistic and spacious design, which connects to the back garden.




Harderwijk, The Netherlands



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Members of bs;bp collective

Alex Sutton: Studio Sutton
Begoña Masiá: architect
Craig Welch: interior architect
Ellen Dijkstra: interior architect
Evgenia Molchanova: interior architect
Frank Twilt: interior architect
Jolanda Luymes: art director

Nathan Breeze: Studio Sutton
Petra Keijser: design manager & PA
Rabia Zuberi: interior architect
Ralph Bleeker: financial advisor
Ronald van Vlijmen: interior architect
Roxan Reurslag: interior designer
Vivian Lam: interior architect