Jolanda Luymes, Art Director bs;bp
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Jolanda Luymes

Art Director

“Bs;bp is a collective of different talented people. With all this knowledge, we are able to work on a very diverse range of projects that requires a specific set of skills.”


Interior design
Design concepts
Product design
Social design


Msc Fashion


Spaces Keizersgracht
Spaces Sydney
Spaces New York
The Edge Grand Central Berlin
IJsseltoren Zwolle
Filmacademie Amsterdam
Perfetti van Melle and more


Jolanda develops interior concepts and is responsible for quality control of bs;bp projects. She has worked on a wide range global projects on every scale, from interior concepts and office design to product design and collaborations within social design.

After working in fashion for renowned fashion houses in Paris, her background in fashion design led Jo to use different approaches in developing interior concepts.

Using stories about space in relation to shapes, colours and textures, she creates an aesthetic environment. With her focus on proportions and light, Jo informs the balance in a space between form and function.

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”

           – Jolanda Luymes


How do materials influence a space?

Materials and space complement each other. The right material choice can beautify, emphasize and magnify a space.

When is design good design?

When it sparks a discussion I would say;-) But more important for applied design it would be when it is pleasing and serving the beholder or user.

Jolanda Luymes, Spaces Keizersgracht
Spaces Keizersgracht, bs;bp
Jolanda Luymes, art director bs;bp
Jolanda Luymes, art director

bs;bp project

Spaces Keizersgracht






Design a Spaces location with a modern business club, offices, meeting rooms and shared facilities for the co-working community, while maintaining the splendor and historic features of the character building. Bs;bp was asked by the client to appeal to a more exclusive segment, without undermining the success of nearby Spaces locations. In the design team, I developed the total concept and detailing for the design, including materials, furniture and lighting. Continue reading..


Business club community, flexible offices, meeting rooms, shared facilities.




Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jolanda Luymes, art director bs;bp
Crafting Peace, Butterfly Works, Jolanda Luymes
Jolanda Luymes, art director bs;bp

Crafting Peace

Jolanda Luymes

Concept creation for Crafting Peace, a design label with a mission to co-create design products with craftsmen in fragile countries.


Butterfly Works and the Afghan entrepreneurship Boumi


Amsterdam + Afghanistan



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