Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer »

Office for law firm, Amsterdam
7.000 m2,  220 people
In collaboration with David Chipperfield, London
This project was created when employed
by Rietmeijer Huisvestingadviseurs (now CBRE)
Role: executive architect

Freshfields Burckhaus Deringer conducted a complete renovation of their law office in Amsterdam, focusing on a modern look. David Chipperfield transferred this eighties building into a geometric, minimalistic sculpture. We designed the interior to match; sleek, strong lines, but also functional and fresh. The high attention to details, materials and the finish bring the interior in line with the exterior. The result is a tranquil and open space that helps to calm and reassure clients, even when it is right at the edge of the hectic business district of Amsterdam.

outside of the building
architecture reception
Flex work spots

Spaces Zuid As »

Office concept, Amsterdam
1.200 m2, 105 working and meeting seats
In collaboration with Sevil Peach, London
Role: executive architect

Spaces is a unique concept, offering a high quality workspace as a common use area for Spaces’ tenants as well as members: mostly self-employed entrepreneurs. For their ‘Spaces Zuid As’ they wanted something that appealed to the entrepreneurs in this business district. We created and experimented with a variety of work aiding options.
With long communal tables, private cabins and open work booths we created a personal space in this mostly competitive environment. Wood, warm fabrics and beautiful furniture were added to create warmth and personality. High-quality coffee from a distinctive coffee bar, adds the final touch.

bar and oak deepening
lounge benches, table and chairs.
table with several work spaces
close up of 1 booth

Axa Verzekeringen »

Head office assurance company, Utrecht
22.000 m2, 850 workstations

Axa’s headoffice is an immense building where employees from across the country were brought together to work in. The challenge was to find a way to compensate taking people out of their trusted and safe environment. By involving them in the process, we ensured their interests and ideas were also involved in the outcome. Every floor tells different stories about life, insecurities and insurances. By making unique work areas, people could make their floor their own, instilling pride and a sense of home. Other additions, such as pleasant smoking areas and an extensive restaurant, also contribute to an enjoyable workspace.

Special lamp
Entrance of building
Lamp with globes as an art piece
Restaurant area of Axa Verzekeringen

Mexx »

International Design Centre, Amsterdam
7.000 m2, 350 workstations, 500 people
In collaboration with Sevil Peach, London
This project was created when employed
by Rietmeijer Huisvestingadviseurs (now CBRE)
Role: executive architect

In their headoffice Mexx wanted to bring together all the different design departments. While the different working groups benefit from a creative atmosphere, they also each have their specific needs. We focused on functionality and efficiency by ensuring each group had quick and easy access to different tools. On the other hand we created an inspiring environment by playing with colour and space. People are stimulated throughout the building to find different forms of sharing, collaborating, experimenting and working.

Lounge area at Mexx office
Small desks
Interior with samples of Mexx clothes
Mexx office lounch couch and work place

Christine le Duc »

Store concept, the Netherlands
100-200 m2, 53 stores, 48 cities

The new store concept for Christine le Duc was aiming to appeal to both the young couple and the modern woman. The design not only involved the store’s interior, but also the logo, housestyle, catalogues and packaging. We created a fresh and visually exciting interior with seductive photography. After three prototypes the concept was implemented in their 53 stores across the Netherlands.

Window of Christine le Duc shop
Interior of Christine le Duc shop