Christine le Duc »

Store concept, the Netherlands
100-200 m2, 53 stores, 48 cities

The new store concept for Christine le Duc was aiming to appeal to both the young couple and the modern woman. The design not only involved the store’s interior, but also the logo, housestyle, catalogues and packaging. We created a fresh and visually exciting interior with seductive photography. After three prototypes the concept was implemented in their 53 stores across the Netherlands.

Window of Christine le Duc shop
Interior of Christine le Duc shop

De Oceaan »

Restaurant and bar, Amsterdam
1.500 m2, 80 seats

De Oceaan, a restaurant with a concept, wanted a complete refurbishment, from bottle to service. The restaurant is located in the old marine office on the Amsterdam Borneo Island. The feeling of water, openness, purity and travels needed to be extended throughout the restaurant. Combining concrete flooring, clear glass and strong lines with dark oak furniture, offers both warmth and clarity.

water bottle with de Oceaan logo
Man hanging on bar

Tommy Hilfiger »

Offices and showroom, Amsterdam
6.000 m2

In a listed building in the heart of Amsterdam, we created an environment with a strong identity, yet capable of being changed with the fashion seasons. The client loved the historic elements we found and allowed us to research and restore this beautiful building to its former glory.

Inside of Tommy Hilfiger shop
Art on the wall in Tommy Hilfiger shop
Drawing of the exterior of Tommy HIlfiger
glimpse into the Tommy Hilfiger shop